Medieval Architectural Geometry

I must express my gratitude to the many people who have assisted me in this investigation.

Dr. Colin Joseph DudleyIt was Professor Langmead who provided the opportunity and the encouragement to undertake the enterprise, providing wise advice and valuable guidance along the way, for which I shall always be deeply grateful.  I am similarly indebted to Paul Downton, whose enthusiastic supervision occasioned many pleasant and profitable discussions.

Without the freedom to explore and study in Peterborough Cathedral nothing would have been possible, and I am indebted to The Revd. Canon Jack Higham for that freedom and for his interest and support, and to the cathedral vergers Nick Drewitt and John for their friendly and practical assistance during a very demanding time in the cathedral’s affairs.

It has been my good fortune to be blessed with a talented family, every one of whom has given me valuable assistance and practical advice: Celia Murray for so many things, but especially for her assistance and expertise in drafting and word processing:  Chloe and Sarah for their computer skills and for building my computer: Stephen Dudley for his sharp eyes and sharp brain: and his Lucy for my Font-Writer.  Similarly I have been provided with essential assistance by friends especially Sirkka Duncan, without whose many hours generously devoted to digitalisation and to electronic technology nothing could have been achieved.  I am similarly indebted to Max Duncan for his expert knowledge of building construction skills and for creating my splendid Architect’s Great Site Compass.

Special thanks are due to Robert Millard for Norwich and for silver for silver-point, to Janet Jackson for George Pace, to Mark Smith for John James’s Contractors, to Hugh Cawdron for Kettering Church, and Douglas Bell for Langley, every one of whom provided through natural generosity and the blessings of serendipity, information of unforeseeable relevance and importance.   It is also essential to thank those good friends, such as Clive and Pamela Richardson who have taken such interest in my research and have listened so patiently to my theories.

One of the great pleasures of this enterprise has been delving into the depths of libraries great and small, meeting so many pleasant and helpful librarians and curators.   I am especially grateful to the Assistant Curator (1998) at the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, and to the Peterborough Cathedral Librarian (1998) for their invaluable assistance and the pleasure of their company. I am also indebted to Wendy Spurling and her colleagues at the Library of the University of South Australia.
With regard to the additional study of Canterbury Cathedral’s geometry I am indebted to Buffy Tucker of Canterbury Cathedral Studios for his excellent photographs of the west front of the cathedral.

Above all I am most deeply grateful to my wife Joy, for her unflagging support and ever-ready assistance in a thousand ways, from holding one end of a tape-measure in Peterborough rain to organising and numbering an infinity of pages, and for much sensible advice, but above all for being always at one’s side.

Colin Joseph Dudley.