Dr Colin J Dudley D.F.C.  Ph.D. 

Born in London, and educated at Eltham College, Colin Joseph Dudley was for twenty years Director of Visual Arts Studies at the present University of Canterbury Christ Church. He was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Cathedral and became an authority on its architectural history, publishing a number of innovative investigative research papers leading to important findings.  Previously he had been Head of School of Foundation and Teacher Training Studies combining the work of both the College of Art and the College of Education at Loughborough.  He was a Recognised Lecture of the Universities of Nottingham, London, and Kent , and the External Examiner in Creative Design for the University of Nottingham.

As an artist of note Colin Dudley has exhibited numerous paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic works, many of which are in public and private collections, particularly in the field of portraiture, although his interests in art are very wide.

For family and medical reasons, in 1983, at the age of sixty, he retired to Australia , where he has continued with his creative work in art, as well as with his long held interest in architectural geometry. He has been also much in demand as a lecturer. In 2002 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural History in recognition of his thesis on the architectural geometry of Peterborough Cathedral.


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